Message   From  The  Founder

gaining knowledge we find there are two side to knowledge: the object of knowledge, that  which we seek to know, and the subject of knowledge ,the knower. What the present  system of education provides is knowledge of  the object; what it misses is knowledge of the subject, knowledge of the knower in his infinite capacity. When   the knower is ignorant about himself, the whole structure of knowledge is as if baseless.
Centralized field baseless education enlivens in every student’s awareness the common   basis of knower and   known , the centralized  field of natural law. Every part of knowledge is
connected   with the whole discipline, and the whole   discipline   with the centralized   field of  natural law, which students experience directly as the  deepest level of their own intelligence during the practice of the swami technology of  the centralizad Field.
As a result of the educational approach, students grow in the awareness that all streams of knowledge are   but mode of their own intelligence. They come to feel at home with everyone and everything. Their   creative genius blossoms with increasing confidence and self--sufficiency. They cease to violate natural law, and they enjoy the fruit of all knowledge-the ability to accomplish anything and spontaneously to thing  and  act free from mistakes. 
Mr. Nitish Kumar

Message From the Chairman 

If we watch the development of India –we will find it :

difficult to conclude that there is a similarity in overall development. We will find that one part of the country is riasing rapidely which is related with the urban areas and which are eonomically rich. But if we ponder over the development of poor and those people who are related with the rural areas of our country, we will find that ther is no any great improvement in their status. Thus, it is the requirement to work for the betterment of these people.

Our organization AIBI RESEARCH ever takes required and helpful steps in this direction. We try to riase the position of down trodden people by providing them better facilities of eduation, health centres, etc. For betterment in educational field we provide them a helpful tree step education. The first step is for initial knowledge which run from '0' upto '10+2'. The second step is for those students who want job earlier. We provide them good enough education to get job and help them in achieving their goal. The third step is for higher education. In this way, we are working to reform the educational condition of poor people of our country. We also work for the betterment of anawear and helpless people of our country. We make them aware and also provide them better medical facilities. We have done a laudable afford against many dangerous diseases like HIV AIDS, Maleria, kala-azar, etc.
With these combined and strong afforts we have done a great job for upliftement of our poor villagers. We have changed the face of our viilages. And, we will be working in this direction till the progress rate of village dosen't become similar to that of urban sectors. We will always work for the betterment of down trodden people of our country. We hope that it will be helpful in the development of our country.
Er.Faiyaj .A. Khan

Message from the Project Director

Villages are heart of our country. About 70% of India's population lives in villages. But most of peoples are not concentrating on the development of rural areas. Thus we need to have strong trials for the welfair of village. Our organization AIBI RESEARCH is alwayas sensative in this direction. We ever try to work to end this type of problems of our country. We work for the welfair of down trodden people of rural areas. We try to increase the educational, technical, health, etc. status of our villages. For this, we provide them better education, technical and health materials.For welfair in
educational sector, we run a three step educational.programme; in wich we provide education for 0 to 10+2 then vocational education and then Higher education. In these steps we provide many type of education like basic computing, medical education, etc. For the development of rural areas, we ever work with proper concentration. We always want develop villages in our country.and in this direction we will ever work with proper concentration and hard labour.
Dr.Prity Rani


Knowledge . Students enter higher education to gain the most advantage values of knowledge that will ensure success in every avenue of their activity-as member of their families, leaders in their careers and professions, and wise citizens of their communities and nations. RK’s  Campus is dedicated to fulfilling this natural aspiration of students by offering knowledge which forms the foundation for success, happiness, and fulfillment in all aspects of life. Act RK Campus, students gain an educational experience and quality of life not available at any other Campus .RK’s  students acquire the best and most advanced knowledge in the sciences,social sciences, arts, and humanities. At the same time, they are actively exploring-both intellectually and through direct experience-the forefront of knowledge, the centralized field of all the laws of nature. This is the education that students deserve, education which enlivens the wholeness of knowledge-the knower, the known, and the process of knowing.