Our Associate NGO's

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Our Associate NGO'S


  1. Munshi Mohmmad Sen Minority & Harisen Samaj Kalyan Sansthan, Address – Madhepur, Madhubani (Bihar) Pin code :847408, Regd.No. – 836/2008-09
  2. Samtamulak Samaj Vikas Kendra. Address – Balbhadrapur , P.O – Jhanjharpur (R.S) Dist. Madhubani, Pin code- 847405 (Bihar)
  3. Jai Prakash Jan Jagaran Samitti. Address – Vill. Adityadih , P.O – Pachahi vaya Madhepur, Dist. Madhubani (Bihar)
  4. Mahila Shishu Kalayan Sanstha. Address – Madhepur (Laximipur) Dist. Madhubani (Bihar)
  5. Vijay Ashram (Dharmshala). Address – Laximipur Chowk, P.O – Madhepur, Dist. Madhubani (Bihar)
  6. Mahila Jyoti Kendra. Address – Mahalla – Amrudi Gali, P.O – Bankipur, dist. Patna – 800004 (bihar)
  7. Binda Devi Welfare society. Address – Ashok Nagar, Road no. 8/e Kankarbag Patna – 8000020 (Bihar)
  8. Prayash Bihar. Address – Vill. Pathrahi, P.O – Jhanjharpur (R.S), Dist. Madhubani (Bihar)
  9. Bishwas Sevaharam Sansthan. Address – Vill. Naryanpur, Dist. Bhojpur, Pin code – 802201
  10. Pratigya Sevayatan. Address – Flat No – 303,Road No – 3, Shivanatri Appartment, Mahesh Nagar, Patna – 800024
  11. Kanti Devi Jan Kalayan Sansthan . Address – Bind toli Ara, Dist. – Bhojpur (Bihar)
  12. Pradhan Social welfare Society . Address – Maula Bag Ara, Dist.- Bhojpur, Pincode:802301, (Bihar)
  13. Jagrnath Rai Memorial Educational Development Foundation. Address – Hospital Road, Buxar



1.Social Association for Rural Improvement and Trainig for All (S.A.R.I.A). Address – A- 312 Dr. Ambedkar Nagar, Sec-1, New Delhi – 110062.



1.Shai Nath Education & Charitable Trust. Address – Sujata Park Societ Nikol, Ahmedabad, Reg.No. F/13332/Ahmedabad

2.Peer Saiyed Zaheer Husain Jafari, Kelavani MandalReg.No- F-120, Maher High School
Vill. – Badarpur, Tahasil-Vadnagar
Dist. – Mehsana

3.Vasant Bhai Mandavia (Bhutkotda) Shree Dev Daya Education and Charitable Trust Bhutkotda.

Trust Reg.No- F2613
Add. – Taluko-Tankara
Dist. – Rajkot,Gujrat.



  1. Chandeshwar Bahudheshiya Mahila Vikash Sanstha. Address - - Vill.- Chandeshwar, Pratap , Dist. – Tihari (Garhwal), Reg.No - 3747
  2. International Rural Development Samiti. Address – Luxer Road, Jagjitpur, Kankhal (Haridwar), Reg.No - 1649
  3. Himalaya Sourbh foundation. (Deharadun)
  4. Vidhya Niketan Shiksha Samiti. Address -  Muni ki Rati, (Kailash Get) Rishikesh, (Deharadun)







The welfare of common people is the aim of our organization. In this direction our AIBI RESEARCH works at a high level. Our organization works as mother “NGO”[MNGO]. With our supportive activities many other NGO’S called FNGO are working and we provide them better guideline. Under the guidence of AIBI RESEARCH many “NGO” are working very loudably in many states like Bihar, U.P, West Bangal, Orisa, etc. we are always helpful for these “NGO”. We provide them better technical, financial spports and project details. We provide them all the facilities which are necessary and helpful in working for the welfare of down trodden people of our country.
We run various traning programmes for the better wogking of these “NGO”. We make them able for taking active steps in the connection of betterment of common people.

We make them capable of understanding that which type of step would be profitable in this connection. We tell them which type of problem the common people are facing and what would be done for ending their problems. We make them to provide better educational, technical, medical and other helpful facilities for the upliftement of down trodden people of our country.

We provide enough support to these “NGO” so that they may provide the poor and helpless people required education, technical, medical and other facilities. We provide them traning that how the educational status would be better, we provide them all required matterials and some economical support even. For the better medical condition of those people we make good quality of health education and medicine easily available to them. We teach them all the way by which they can identity any dangerous disease and
Can cure that disease.
For providing other facilities to the common people we train them how to provide them better housing and required food, water, etc.we make these “NGO” able to provide better employement opportunity to the common people.
At all we have ever worked for the welfare of common man and our organization AIBI RESEARCH has worked as a mother “NGO”. We will ever be ahed and will feel lucky in providing these “NGOs” better guideline so that we would make a combined affort in working for the betterment of the common people.

Funding and project details

        Service available for all the “NGO’s” institutions

Firstly I give the introduction of the institution. Our institution AIBI – RESEARCH is working to unit and guding all the regd. NGO’s of India.Now a days, NGOs play a very important role for the upliftement of down trodden people of our country. Our organization has always supportive ideas for you on the matter of human welfare and development of rural areas.

Following services our organization provide to the NGOs of our country - :

  • Progressive report
  • Audit report
  • Project  proposal
  • Application forms

1.0% fee of project proposal would be payable.
Form and other services are available for registration in FCRA and handicaps department and 80G.
We hope that our combined effort will be a leading factor for the welfare of common life.

1. Plans for old people

    • Financial support for establishing Day – Care Centre’s (unresidencial)
    • Financial support for old home (unresidencial)
    • Financial support  for old home (Residential)

      2. Plans for handicaps

  • Special schooling for 100 students plan.
  • Financial support for day lording.
  • Industries training programme for handicap.

      3. Health – Programme

  • Mobile – Hospital – Mobile Financial support for healthcare unit. Special facilities for SC/ST/BPL categories.
  • Drugs – Prevention Financial and other supports for drugs – preventing hospitals.
  • National Cancer Programme For prevention of the dangerous disease Cancer, Financial and other                           supports are provided.

4. Department of art & culture programme

      • Building & Equipment Grant Rs. Maximum of Rs. 15 lacs for construction of building, 2.50 lacs for equipments.
      • 2. Development of Buddhist / Tibetan culture & art
    • Maintenance / Research products Rs. 1.00 Lacs p.a.
    • Repair restoration, renewation of ancient Rs. 1.50 lacs p.a.
    • Award of Fellowship / Scholarships / holding of Rs. 1.25 lacs p.a.
    • Purchase of books. Documentation. Cataloguing Rs. 1.25 lac p.a
    • Financial assistance may also be given for Rs. 5.00 lac p.a, for construction of hostel building.
    • Salary of teachers where organization is running Rs. 7.00 lacs p.a.a school is imparting monastic education .
  • Preservation & Development of the culture heritage of the Himalayas grant Rs. 5.00 lacs.
  • Promotion & Strengthening of Regional & local Museums.
  • Promotion & Disseminating of Tribal / Folk Art & culture grant Rs. 2.00 lacs.
  • Research support to voluntary organizations engaged in cultural activities i.e. literary, visual & Performing arts grant maximum of Rs. 5.00 lac.
  • Setting up of multi – purpose complexes including those for children grant up to Rs. 1.00 lac.
  • Development and maintenance of national Memorials grant maximum Rs. 5.00 lac.
  • Centenaries / Anniversaries
  • Grant not exceeding Rs.1.00lacs to NGO for appropriate programmes under the scheme.
  • Grants not exceeding Rs. 40000 in cash of anniversary celebrations jubliee years i.e. 125th 175th & soon.
  • Grants will not exceed 75% of the total expenditure. The balance of 25% of the expenditure tobe borne by the NGO.

       5. Scheme Regarding development of Handicaps

    • Training Programme maximum grant Rs. 5.00 Lacs
    • Exhibition Grants Rs.                                1.00 Lacs
    • New/Renovation/Expansion/Emporium  20.00 Lacs

Sales outlet Grant Rs.

    • Crafts Developments Centre Grants Rs.  10.00 Lacs
    • Common Facilities services for handicraft
    • Workshop/ Scheme for Eradication of child Labour in India Hand Knotted Carpet industries.

       6. Research and Development Projects

      • Creation of In fractural Facilities, Centre’s for Excellence in the identified areas and Demonstration projects.
      • Projects under Biotechnology – based programme for women and Rural Development.
      • Proposals for setting up of Bioinformatics centre.
      • Projects under Human Resource Development Programme (M.Sc/M.Tech. Biotechnology).
      • Application/Profrom for financial assistance for holding National/International Seminar/ Symposium/Conference/workshop on thrust areas of “BIOTECHNOLOGY”.

        7. Special Programmes

  • Huge financial support for dairy, poultry, plantation and other agricultural development programmes.
  • Consumer Awarness programme NGO sends directly consumer awareness programmes to Indian government.
  • Rural development programmes AIBI–RESEARCH provide other facilities like for betterment of rural areas.

        8. Programme for the Betterment

  • Various support for people which are not forward in the field of
  • Technical supports for them.
  • Special hostel facilities for backward casts.

        9. Programme for Helpless Women

  •  Formation of short stay home for women and girl’s.
  •  Work for educational welfare of women.

      10. Food Material
For betterment of rural areas there should be proper facilities. We run various programme in this direction. We provide better facilities and required materials for agriculture, dairy – productions, poultries, etc. we also provide the better financial supports and good opportunity for employment in the sector.


Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Industry
Ministry of Communication and Information
Ministary of Food & Consumer
Ministry of culture  
Ministry of Environment & Forest
Ministry of Animals Welfare
Environment & Research
Ministary of Food Processing
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Indian system of Medicine
National Medicinal Plants Board
Ministry of Home
Ministry of HRD
Ministry of laborites
Ministry of Minority
Ministry of  New Energy
Ministry of See
Ministary of Rural Development
Ministry of  Science & Technology
Ministry of Road
Ministry of Small Industry
Ministry of Social Justice
Ministry of Traubel
Ministry of water resources
Ministry of  Women & child development
Ministry of Youth & Sports
National Agriculture & Rural development Bank